Stratos Aircraft: Faster. Farther.

A Pilot’s Aircraft

The Stratos 714 is a very light personal jet (VLPJ) designed to meet the needs of a growing number of performance-oriented aviators who demand more speed and more range in an owner-flown turbine.

Designed with the owner/operator in mind, the Stratos focuses on simplicity and docile flight qualities for ease of operation. To achieve speeds in excess of 400 knots with an NBAA IFR range of 1,500 nautical miles, the Stratos exploits the full potential of advanced technology, space age materials and cutting edge manufacturing techniques.

The configuration is optimized with a long tail arm (relative distance between the wing and horizontal tail) ensuring good stability. The Stratos 714 will safely land at much lower speeds than twin-engine jets with similar performance.

The Stratos 714 is designed from the ground up to make exceptional performance enjoyable.

See Stratos 714 first flight video:

Passenger Comfort

The Stratos 714 is uniquely suited to transport four people plus all their baggage in cabin-class comfort at speeds and ranges that no other aircraft can match for its size or acquisition cost.

A spacious cabin with leg and elbow room, seats that recline independently to almost 45 degrees make longer flights comfortable for all.

You’re in Good Hands

Since 2008 Kevin Jordan has been the Chief Sales Officer for Stratos Aircraft located in Bend, Oregon. For more information and specifications contact Kevin at or click here.